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Badazz x Rolex feminized seeds

The feminized variety Badazz x Rolex by Dutch Seeds Shop is a sativa-dominant hybrid, winner of many drinks for recreational and medicinal consumption. Badazz x Rolex is a very productive plant, with an intense citrus flavor and incense Haze, and a strong cerebral and happy effect, with a relaxing physical point.

5 seeds: 39.99$

Badazz x Rolex is a feminized sativa variety, a cross of Bad Azz Kush and Rolex OG Kush that gives rise to a very smooth synthesis between the qualities of its parents, among which its distinctive lemon flavor stands out.

These feminized seeds give plants that guarantee a very intense psychedelic experience even for the most experienced smokers. The high is very energetic and vital, it acts quickly and lasts a long time, perfectly balanced between the corporal and cerebral experience. Medicinally it is used to stimulate the appetite.

Badazz x Rolex is medium-tall, elongated and with wide branches, ideal for SCRoG or LST, and it is recommended to grow outdoors with support in temperate tropical, subtropical or equatorial climates.

Flowering indoors is 56 – 70 days, with yields of up to 800 grams per square meter, while outdoors you will have it ready by mid-October (in the northern hemisphere) with productions of up to 1.2kg per plant.

It has a quite relaxing and calm high, and its flavor is what attracts the most attention. It is a very strong earthy lemon mixture that will delight the longtime smoker who likes strong.

 GENETICSBad Azz Kush x Rolex OG Kush
 VARIETY80% Indica / 20% Sativa
 THC LEVEL20 – 23 %
 INTERIOR PERFORMANCE0.3 – 0.6 oz/ft2 (100 – 200 g/m2)
 OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE9 – 14 oz (250 – 400 gr) per plant
 FLAVOR / ODORSpicy / Herbal / Berry / Pine
 EFFECTCreative / Energetic / Euphoric / Relaxed

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