Autoflowering Seeds

Critical autoflowering seeds

Critical auto from the Dutch Seeds Shop seed bank is an automatic plant created from a Critical x Ruderalis cross. The result obtained is a first-class autoflowering variety.

5 seeds: 39.99$

The growth of Critical Auto will be vigorous from the beginning, reaching 1m in height, creating a branched plant structure. It should be noted its long lower lateral branches that will provide a higher final production of its flowering.

During its short flowering period of only 7 weeks we will be able to observe how this beautiful lady creates long clusters of compact and voluptuous buds which contain fruity smells and flavors with a bitter touch.

Its flowers are full of a thick layer of resin that contain a medium level of THC which will produce a powerful long-lasting effect of indica character on its consumer.

Dutch Seeds Shop highlights that Critical Auto feminized seeds can be grown under periods of 18 or 12 hours of continuous light with indoor productions of up to 700 gr / m2, harvested in just 9 weeks from germination.

The Critical Auto feminized autoflowering seeds by Dutch Seeds Shop are born from the crossing of Critical x Ruderalis to obtain a very productive plant, with a powerful indica effect and intense fruity flavor, with which to perform several harvests a year in a discreet way.

 GENETICSCritical x Ruderalis
 VARIETY60% Indica / 40% Sativa
 SEXAutoflowering, Feminized
 THC LEVEL16 – 18 %
 INTERIOR PERFORMANCE1 – 1.8 oz/ft² (350 – 550 g/m²)
 OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE2 – 7 oz (70 – 200 gr) per plant
 FLAVOR / ODORSweet / Fruity / Wood and Lemon notes
 EFFECTCreative / Happy / Relaxed

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