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Girl Scout Cookies x Chemdog #4 feminized seeds

Girl Scout Cookies x Chemdog#4 is a feminized indica-type variety, the result of the cross between a Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdog #4, which has characteristics of its two parent seeds: like Kush, it has relaxing properties, and like Trainwreck, it stimulates an interesting state of alertness.

5 seeds: 49.99$

Girl Scout Cookies x Chemdog#4 flowers in 56 – 63 days indoors or early October (in the Northern Hemisphere) outdoors. If you take care of it indoors, it will be useful to know that it is good for SCROG or LST (technique that consists of bending the tip of the plant to achieve its vertical growth without causing stress).

Girl Scout Cookies x Chemdog#4 plants are easy to care for and offer high yields. If you grow it outdoors, you can get productions of up to 1000 grams per plant, and indoors up to 800 grams per square meter.

It is a plant that stretches a lot in indoor crops, in which almost no branches grow and in which it is convenient to flower only central buds, or failing that, cultivate cuttings. In a SCROG crop, we will get the maximum possible production from this variety. It grows well, short and compact and when it starts flowering it stretches up to twice what it is, becoming tall and thin, but with very round and heavy buds at the tips. It takes about 56 – 63 days to flower in our indoor crops, which is an affordable time.

Outdoors, we will have to go to the first days of October to be able to cut it in its maximum splendor, reaching up to 1kg per plant. It adapts to all types of climate, whether warm or temperate, blooming early in order to avoid the first rains at the end of summer. The most advisable thing is that if you live in a climate where it rains a lot, you grow it in a greenhouse where you will not have a problem of rotting or fungi.

Its appearance mixes traits of Girl Scout Cookies and Chemdog #4: the structure of the plant is strong and with long branches like the Trainwreck variety, but the Cookies dominate the aroma, giving it its characteristic flavor.

The effects of her plant are quite powerful and are quickly noticed as a good indica that she is. After consumption, you will want to relax and do creative tasks. It is also recommended for medicinal use, especially to treat depression and physical pain.

Its flavor is very interesting, adding an aftertaste of coffee and cocoa, or pear and guava, to the sweet and earthy flavor with a touch of black liquorice in the background.

 GENETICSGirl Scout Cookies x Chemdog #4
 VARIETY60% Indica / 40% Sativa
 THC LEVEL22 – 27 %
 INTERIOR PERFORMANCE1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft2 (400 – 500 g/m2)
 OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE17 oz (500 gr) per plant
 FLAVOR / ODOREarthy / Sweet / Pine / Diesel / Pungent
 EFFECTEuphoria / Relaxation

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