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Godfather OG feminized seeds

Godfather OG by Dutch Seeds Shop is an ideal variety for all types of crops, as it is easy to grow and very productive. It’s about a hybrid between Critical + and Og Kush

5 seeds: 59.99$

The secret of the feminized Godfather OG seed is in its genes. Its origin is part of a project that we started at Dutch Seeds Shop with the aim of creating a superlative hybrid in which to guarantee balance, potency and distinctive features. The result is a strain that reflects the genetic heritage of two titans: Big Skunk and OG Kush. The “super harvests” and the wonderful lemon aroma, typical of Big Skunk, as well as the peculiar imprint left by OG Kush are strongly manifested and dazzle the cannabis grower. A cannabis delicacy for fans of the Kush family!


The Godfather OG seed transforms into a medium / large plant that can grow up to 3 meters in height outdoors. Its branches are thin and the intermodal distance is quite wide, which allows the light to reach the lower part and that the whole plant is filled with pointed, heavy, compact and resin-laden flowers. The presence of leaves around the flowers is scarce, which facilitates the work of manicuring and represents a valuable time saving for the cannabiculturist.


Godfather OG is a super producer with brutal returns and many cannabis growers see her as a great travel companion. The structure of the plant helps a lot so that the harvesting can be carried out quickly even though it is very large. Indoors it can produce 600 g / m2 and outdoors between 600 and 900 g / plant. Quantity and quality in a short time and without the need to complicate your life!


Godfather OG is a variety with an unusual aromatic and gustatory complexity. The “limonene” type terpenes it contains give it power and intensity and cause a lemon scent that can be detected from afar. The exaggeratedly intense and appetizing fusion of lemon and oil of this hybrid is worthy of veneration.


Godfather OG is a variety with a THC level that can reach 20%. It is extremely powerful, with a very accentuated psychoactivity, but it presents a very stable physical and mental balance. It begins with a pleasant brain stimulation and evolves into a gentle sensation of body relaxation. An essential seed for followers of Kush genetics and for foodies who know how to distinguish and appreciate potency and quality.


Godfather OG offers the chance to meet a surprising and delicious plant that exudes strength and energy. It is a plant that is cultivated with great simplicity, although it is necessary to control its growth indoors since some phenotypes can stretch excessively. Outdoors, excellent results are obtained in dry, hot, sunny, temperate and Mediterranean climates, as well as in a greenhouse.

Its fragility against humidity is compensated by a short flowering period that avoids the risks posed by cold and humidity. Indoors it blooms in just 55-60 days and outdoors it can be harvested in late September or early October. If we want to give a therapeutic use to this variety it is better to carry out an organic and moderate fertilization to obtain healthy buds. The strong smell that the flowers give off in the crop makes it necessary to place an anti-odor device if the crop is in a very crowded place.

  • OUTSIDE: Outdoors we will have very tall plants, up to 3m. It adapts to any climate that is warm or temperate, blooming early avoiding the first rains. The most recommended thing is that if you live in a climate where it usually rains, you cultivate it in a greenhouse where you will not have a problem of rotting or fungi. At the end of September or beginning of October we will be able to collect our plants, which can give us up to 900g per season specimen.
  • INDOOR: Indoors it is an ideal plant, since it produces a good, very heavy central baton. Its structure makes us fit about 9 specimens per m2, reaching yields of up to 500g in about 60 days of flowering. It produces plants that stretch about 3 times what they are from when we start to bloom until they just bloom, so we will have to take this into account when changing the photoperiod.
GENETICSBig Skunk x Big Skunk Korean x OG Kush
 OUTDOOR FLOWERINGSeptember ➤ October
 FLAVOR / ODORCitrus , Lemon , Oil
 EFFECTPowerful , Psychoactive , Relaxing

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