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Legend OG feminized seeds

Legend OG by Dutch Seeds Shop is a feminized seed with high psychoactive effects, perfect for cultivation for therapeutic or medicinal purposes.

5 seeds: 39.99$

Legend OG is a variety of cannabis that comes from the crossing of different plants with a high content of THC and a very low content of CBD. It has low levels of CBD and on the other hand, very high levels of THC. Here you will find all the medicinal potential for a pleasant and smooth consumption, without the dreaded mental “high” effect.

From this seed plants are born with a medium-high stature and a very resistant and branched structure, with quite narrow leaves. With a typical hybrid appearance, it grows vigorously developing a large main tail with abundant satellite branches.

During the flowering phase, all its branches are loaded with a large number of long buds, very resinous and aromatic. Due to the large amount of resin it produces, it is an ideal plant for extractions, oils or creams. It has a layer of resin that covers it completely. It should be noted that its bud is compact and dense, which makes it prone to mold and mildew if it is not cared for well.

This seed does not present great cultivation complications and with a standard diet, it is enough to get big crops. It is not necessary an over fertilization to get its maximum potential. This makes it a perfect strain for both beginners and professionals.

Indoors with little effort we will obtain plants of medium-tall size, with a very wide branching and leaves with medium-narrow leaflets, which allow light to pass to the lower parts, thus helping to obtain good productions. To obtain a 100% medicinal result, it is necessary to cultivate it with only organic products, in addition they enhance the natural flavor of the cultivated variety. The harvest can be done in 49 – 63 days after it began to bloom, and it can produce productions per m2 of up to 500gr of pure medicine.

Outdoors it develops into plants of good diameter and capable of exceeding 2m in height, if we give the root system space to develop as it wishes. In general, it is a strain that has great resistance to bad weather, and to the attack of the most common pests in medicinal cultivation. Although the use of preventives is always recommended to ensure the harvest, since we are talking about cannabis rich in THC. The harvest can be done in mid-October, being able to harvest more than 800gr per plant.

In general, its flavors are quite pleasant, as it is the perfect combination of fruit and citrus flavors such as orange. In addition, it has a sweet touch that characterizes it. Its aroma is similar to its flavor, so you will not have to worry about spreading a bad smell or feeling uncomfortable with the smoke. You can taste it at any time of the day without problem. This is one of the variants that does not emit aromatic gases into the environment, since it does not have the chemical cross like other cannabis strains, so it is quite discreet.

Due to its high THC level, the high is smooth and controlled, after the first hit you will enter a state of peace and relaxation that will allow you to eliminate stress and sadness. It also serves as a muscle relaxant that acts instantly. It does not produce the typical brain confusion as many do, as its effects are relatively mild. This herb can be consumed at any time of the day without limitation, since its purpose is to provide the user with a natural therapeutic method.

 GENETICSOG Kush x Unknown strain
 VARIETY70% Indica / 30% Sativa
 THC LEVEL20 – 25 %
 INTERIOR PERFORMANCE1 – 1.1 oz/ft² (300 – 350 g/m²)
 OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE18 oz (500 gr) per plant
 FLAVOR / ODOREarthy / Lemon / Earthy
 EFFECTRelaxed / Social / Happy / Euphoric

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