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Purple Punch feminized seeds

Purple Punch is a very powerful strain that retains the characteristics of the authentic Californian Gorilla. More than 25% THC.

5 seeds: 49.99$

Purple Punch is a new variety from the Dutch Seeds Shop bank that comes from an elite clone of the mythical Purple Punch. It is a very famous strain on the west coast whose origin is a cross between Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple.

At Genehtik they have wanted to maintain and preserve exactly the characteristics that have made this super powerful variety so famous. The result is an indica-dominant hybrid, easy to grow, with great resistance to fungi and a little sensitive to intensive nutritional regimens, so it is better to fertilize it gently and progressively.

With this seed we get plants of medium-tall stature that have a very resistant and solid structure. Its growth is very vigorous, developing a large main tail with some lateral branches.

Upon reaching the flowering phase we see that it is a bestial bud producer. These buds are very thick and heavy, extremely resinous. Due to the large amount of sticky resin it produces, it is an ideal silver for performing all types of extractions.

It is a simple variety to grow that gives us impressive yields. The only thing we have to watch out for is that it does not reach very high EC values ​​and not over fertilize it in excess. After its vegetative stage, it will be ready for harvest after 9 weeks of flowering. It adapts perfectly to any growing medium, offering very productive crops both indoors and outdoors.

For indoor cultivation it is an exceptional variety, since its cultivation is not complicated at all if we maintain a control with the intensity of nutrition, since it does not support high levels of EC well. In general, it usually forms medium-large plants, capable of exceeding 1.30m in height, thanks to its good structure it can produce 500g, without much effort. The harvest can be done after 56 – 70 days of flowering, obtaining a high quality product that is ideal for extractions.

In outdoor crops it develops strongly, growing at a good pace both in width and height, being able to reach more than 2.50m in height. Its structure gives it resistance to bad weather and its dense buds are able to withstand intense rainy climates, making it a good option for first-time growers. If we have fertilized it correctly and cultivated under the maximum hours of sun possible, it is capable of producing more than 1kg of buds of authentic quality. The harvest can be done in mid-October.

The flavors and aromas of Purple Punch are very intense and varied. A flavorful smoke with different earthy, acid, citrus and gasoline nuances that give it a final, chocolatey aroma.

It is a weed not suitable for beginner smokers, as its high THC content can play tricks on them. When consuming it we will experience a tremendously powerful effect of an indica character. It is ideal to relax and disconnect from the world. We are without a doubt one of the most powerful strains today.

 GENETICSLarry OG x Granddaddy Purple
 VARIETY90% Indica / 10% Sativa
 THC LEVEL15 – 20 %
 INTERIOR PERFORMANCE1.8 – 2.1 oz/ft2 (550 – 650 g/m2)
 OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE24 – 28 oz (700 – 800 gr) per plant
 FLAVOR / ODORSweet / Berry / Herbal
 EFFECTRelaxing / Happiness / Euphoric

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