Autoflowering Seeds

Super Skunk autoflowering seeds

We have combined the aroma, high resin production and legendary potency of Skunk genetics with the extraordinary qualities of Rudelaris Auto. Powerful, aromatic and productive.

5 seeds: 49.99$

Auto Super Skunk by Dutch Seeds Shop is a good, pretty and cheap automatic strain. It is the result of the cross between Super Skunk and Rudelaris genetics, a blend that has resulted in a strain with a great incense aroma, extreme indica potency and impressive resin production.

As it grows it becomes a plant of moderate height, between 70-80cm tall indoors and between 60-100cm tall outdoors, which in just 49 – 56 days will be able to offer you between 300 and 400 grams of tall levels of CBD, so it is also highly appreciated for medicinal purposes.

Aromatic, resinous and productive, Auto Super Skunk will offer you an Skunk-type high, super narcotic, overwhelming and very long-lasting, while its hashish incense flavor will transport you to exotic places.

Its aroma is irresistibly sweet with notes of lemon and earth, a real delight. It is also recommended for BHO and hash extractions due to its high resin content, making it a perfect candidate for lovers of this strain. It also has high medicinal values ​​and you will feel that it is Indica high, very physical, but easy to treat thanks to the mild taste that can be misleading.

 GENETICSSuperskunk x Northern Lights x Rudelaris
 VARIETY80% Indica / 20% Sativa
 SEXAutoflowering, Feminized
 THC LEVEL14 – 19 %
 INTERIOR PERFORMANCE0.5 oz/ft2 (150 g/m2)
 OUTDOOR PERFORMANCE1 – 3.5 oz (30 – 100 gr) per plant
 FLAVOR / ODORSkunk / Earthy / Sweet / Citrus / Cheese
 EFFECTCerebral / Relaxing

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